is a Chess Game? YES! but...

Cheater Chess Card Hero: the new fantasy Chess card collecting game.

Play hidden RANDOM pieces in the unique 5x5 board.

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The Chess Revolution

Cheater Chess is a classic mobile online chess game? NOOOOOOO

Cheater Chess, is the first mobile chess game that changes the rules, enriching one of the oldest and most beautiful games in the world.

Collect more than 60 heroes
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The board is small and mobile friendly
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Choose: RedWings, MamaBlue, GreenEye
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Play with friends or in Single Player
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Cheater Chess Heroes & Clans

Collect all the Heroes. Everyone have a unique power

Collect all the Heroes. Each possesses a unique power. These powers are crucial for gathering more resources and growing faster.

The heroes are divided into three rival clans: the reliable MamaBlue, the furious RedWings, and the strategic GreenEye.

Earn coins in the game to hire new heroes
Fight against other players' heroes and win
How to play

If you play one single Cheater Chess match, everything becomes immediatly clear

A few new rules that make the game fresher and more surprising

5x5 Board: The game board is smaller (5x5) than the standard one, and you start with only the two opposing Kings on the field

Play one piece per turn: Once per turn, you can place one of the pieces from your reserve at any point on the chessboard.

Checkmate: The pieces on the board are limited to a maximum of 4, and the goal remains to checkmate before the time runs out.

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Unique Collectible Heroes

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Original Clans

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